Times are a changing…….

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After having a review and we have decided to make alot of hard decisions about the future of alarm as a group. We are leaving workplace stuff and community organizing stuff to the experts like haringey solidarity group and solfed, we understand that side of anarchist action is very important but we felt that we didn’t really fit in and that our role will be more in other areas of political activism. The borough groups are also no more as we gonna just do everything as a one big happy family. This blog is soon to go but please check our new site http://www.soundthealarm.org.uk.


DISARM DSEI….stop the arms fair.

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Well i know it’s not a local thing in West London but it’s an important thing though every 2 years there’s this shitty event in South East London which is all about dealing in death that’s right an arms fair. The UK is apparently number two in this business of arming people with all sorts of things that are designed pure and simply to kill. This government infact most are impressively hypocritical with their politics, on one hand David Cameron like to publicly align himself with people like the Libyan rebels or protesters in Syria and in Egypt but in reality He’s facilitating UK companies to sell weapons to oppressive regimes and goes after like a vengeance protesters back here in the UK who dare to shine a light on his bullshit. But next week is time to act there will be shit loads of actions you can take part in like the big march from Westminster to the Excel centre despite the ban on marches (this could mean heavy handed policing etc so remember protect yourself  from trigger happy cops on the day) or you do your own thing to protest the arms fair. Have fun and stay safe!!!!! All info can be found on http://www.stopthearmsfair.org.uk….

Eton mess September 28th!!

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The EDL’S poor attempt at getting into Tower Hamlets.

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On Saturday the tragic circus of the EDL turned up with less numbers than initially predicted to have their demo in the ‘belly of the beast’. This day has been a long time coming and we all were expecting a huge crowd of these goons but in reality not alot of them turned up at all. The EDL were under heavy police protection all day the police had lines upon lines seperating people from these tits. They were at aldgate and the counter demo was at aldgate east they were almost half a mile away!!! These pathetic dregs of the casual world were actually not even allowed in the borough of Tower Hamlets!! These people clearly struggle with alot of things but i think we can add geography to list now too! As for the resistance it was hard to get things cracking as the police had swamped the area but there was a roaming band women in bikes ramming many EDL and mugging them off hard. The police were there at almost every flash to stop the EDL from getting harmed and to tell everyone else that it was your fault for getting hit by a military grade flash bang, why is it always the case the police protect the far right? There was for most that too a big crew of mental anarcho’s/ commies and local kids roaming the area and heading into wapping seeing these tossers off over tower bridge. The EDL managed to somehow get the coach driver to drive them home via Whitechapel did they go through unchallenged as they abused the locals from their coach? Hell no! the windows quite rightly got done and many different bits of street furniture got chucked in!! These hard casuals who were for many months online saying that they were gonna do us in Tower Hamlets were cowering in police carriers for their own good. Also later on that night i saw many locals chase out some rogue EDL who had just punched a Spanish woman and called her ‘paki’. Saturday was a great day as it showed what a little solidarity can do.

Understanding the riots- Where next?

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Since last Saturday, a situation has escalated around the UK, with eruptions of long-repressed anger in most major cities. Whilst this anger may have certainly, at times, taken on forms that we disapprove of, we all know where this anger comes from. We are all suffering at the moment. Trying to make ends meet can be a living nightmare – benefits, jobs and healthcare going down the drain whilst the cost of housing and living rises sharply. Not to mention systematic Police harassment on our streets, daily injustice and deaths in police custody. For those right at the bottom of the pile, the young and unemployed, it seems like everything they were brought up on was false. The promise of easy credit, easy access to consumer goods, an education and social support. All this just disappears into smoke when the rich decide we don’t deserve it anymore; when they are desperate to save their system from the consequences of their own greed.

We condemn:

* The police, the political elite and the media for creating an atmosphere of fear, justifying greater state repression.

* The opportunism of the EDL/BNP and other far right groups.

We refuse to condemn:

* People who looted high street chain stores, pawn shops, betting shops, banks and other symbols of capitalism.

* People who attacked the police, police property, courts, probation services and other symbols of the state.

We are inspired by:

* All the people who stood up for each other in the face of attack by the police and other violent gangs.

* The communities that stood outside preventing arson to neighbouring flats, houses and locally-owned businesses.

But whilst we are categorically against the arson of homes, the muggings and the burglaries, are we really surprised this is happening? Here is a whole generation brought up on Thatcherism and Blairism – two ideologies that totally glorify individualism and ruthless competition. That have gone out of their way to destroy working class solidarity and colonise our areas with wealthy young professionals. That place those who trample on their communities for their own personal gain up on pedestals. These ideologies have BRED gangster behaviour amongst the poor and the only way we can counter such behaviour is by rebuilding our community spirit NOW, in spite of these doctrines, out of the ashes of this rebellion.  We are also categorically against any notion that greater police powers are a remedy to this situation, that the violence of the state and of capitalism is somehow preferable to the violence of those in our communities. Even if it was preferable, it would solve nothing – the problem here is inequality and injustice. Only we can bring about equality and justice; working together to advance our collective interests. We believe that when we build strong communities, we have a better chance of fighting back and winning. When we assemble to support each other through the difficulties of recession, instead of hiding away in our homes. When we get on the streets to defend our communities from any kind of attack. When we strike against our bosses instead of taking it on the chin. When we allocate resources for the benefit of the many and not the few. When we organise to take back what is rightfully ours instead of submitting to the thieves in Westminster and the City. When we target the rich and the state and not each other.  Whilst the riots may have taken their toll on our communities, there is no turning back now. We cannot wish them away. The screams of our youth have been heard; its time we turned them into the battle cries of our class.  Against ALL attacks on our community! For EVERYONE against the system!  ALARM! – All London Anarchist Revolutionary Movement



Tottenham is on fire.

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The community in Tottenham north London have taken to the streets in a big way today sending a big fat burning message to the pigs. This message is that no longer will cocky oppressive brutal behaviour from the police will be tolerated anymore and that they cannot come into our communities and kill people at will. ACAB and big up yourselves Tottenham people!

FUK EDL September 3rd…

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Notorious tossers the edl are planning to come to Tower Hamlets in East London to have one of their shambolic demos against the apparent rampant extreme Islamist nature of the area. Which is bullshit as it seems to me it’s only a few ginger converts sticking up stupid stickers and trying to push some dumb shit on the locals. These edl people claim they ain’t fascist and are only against fundamentalist Islam but these people are never there when people picket various things by hzib tzir or mac ( some extreme homophobic religious dickheads). The edl really are just a bunch of casuals, closest fash, racists and confused kids who have only one real aim that they are themselves too scared to admit openly is that they want to rid the uk of all Muslims and from what it seems all most of the Asian population too. They are out to divide our communities and to get all to be brain dead subservient good little workers loyal to the flag and the rich. The edl mugs off the working classes bigtime and mugs off their own members because how the fuck is what they’re doing gonna make sure we all have work, food on the table and enough live good when are lives are getting stunted by the parasitic elite of the country. Fuck these total arseholes, lets stop them on their tracks on September 3rd in Tower Hamlets. Join us in the streets all ALARM boroughs are gonna be out east for the day too to help out the community to prevent the edl from harassing the locals and whipping up hatred in the area.

Peep the Tower Hamlets alarm blog for more details about the day to see what you can do.